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Science Review 1:Organisms

ecologyrelationship between living things and environment
ecosystema community plus the nonliving factorsof the environment
consumersorganisms which must obtain food from environment
producersorganisms which produce their own food and provide food for others
photosynthesisfood making process of green plants
cold-bloodedbody temp changes with environment
warm-bloodedtemp remains constant, regardless of environment
decomposersorganisms which break down remains for food
hibernationallows animals to survive by sleeping
nutrientusable part of food
regenerationability of organnism to replace body parts
pollinationpollen is transferred for fertilization
life cycleseries of changes an organism goes through
populationorganisms of the same kind living in a certain area
biospherepart of earth where life exists
successionprocess where one kind of community is replaced by another
nonrenewable resourcesnot replaced, ex: oil, minerals
renewable resourcesreplaced, ex: soil, trees

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