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The Acid Test

Requires that names of some acids be matched with their correct formula

hydrochloric acidHCl
hypochlorous acidHClO
Chlorous acidHClO2
Chloric acidHClO3
per-chloric acidHClO4
Nitric acidHNO3
Sulfiric acidH2SO4
Bromous acidHBrO2
hypobromous acidHBrO
Bromic acidHBrO3
per-Bromic acidHBrO4
Hydrosulfuric acidH2S
Hydrophosphoric acidH3P
Hydronitrous acidH2N
Hydronitric acidH3N
Carbonic acidH2CO3
Hydroflouric acidHF
Acetic acidHC2H3O2
Phosphoric acisH3PO4
Hydroiodic acidHI

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