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3-Examen Final 1 verbs

Practice with verbs in the present, preterite and imperfect tenses for 1st semester Final Exam.

I dohago
I putpongo
I'm leavingsalgo
I'm going to bedme acuesto
I'm bringingtraigo
I know (person)conozco
I have lunchalmuerzo
I produceproduzco
I'm getting dressedme visto
he opensabre
you all do rentUds. alquilan
I know (fact, info)
we look forbuscamos
they changecambian
she says goodbyese despide
you-familiar-do sleepduermes
he has funse divierte
I ask for; orderpido
we preferpreferimos
we repeatrepetimos
he regretssiente
I suggestsugiero
she is turning offapaga
I seeveo
I givedoy
I'm goingvoy
I saydigo
I havetengo
I hearoigo
I'm comingvengo
I am (tall)soy
I am (here)estoy
you-formal eat supper; dinerUd. cena
you all restdescansan
she hopes; she waitsespera
you-formal do washUd. lava
they cleanlimpian
we are puttingponemos
they take (transportation)toman
it happens; passespasa
we learnaprendemos
we should; oughtdebemos
they givedan
he saysdice
she hearsoye
the family understandsla familia comprende/entiende
they are sharingcomparten
Are you leaving? (fam.)sales
we insistinsistimos (en)
it is rainingllueve
the team is losingel equipo pierde
we think; we believe; we planpensamos
I do not rememberno recuerdo
it closescierra
they count; they tell (joke)cuentan
you all findUds. encuentran
we return to a placevolvemos
they are sitting downse sientan
it crossescruza
it beginsempieza; comienza
they investigateinvestigan
we play(sport)jugamos
she payspaga
Are you all practicing?¿Practican Uds.?
he is taking photossaca fotos
I play (instrument)toco
they are walkingandan; caminan
we wishdeseamos; queremos
they can; are able topueden
you-familiar-are listening toescuchas
they are campingacampan
she teaches; showsmuestra
they are skatingpatinan
the team winsel equipo gana
the class finishesla clase termina
you all do workuds. trabajan
they receivereciben
I buycompro
they are sellingvenden
she is drinkingbebe
he shavesse afeita
I am taking a bathme baño
I wake upme despierto
he is taking a showerse ducha
they get upse levantan
she puts on makeupse maquilla
I comb (my hair)me peino
she is putting onse pone
you-familiar-go to bedte acuestas
they are washing themselvesse lavan
you all wake upUds. se despiertan
I suggestsugiero
we callllamamos
they are taking; carrying; wearingllevan
I wear; carry; takellevo
he does swimnada
my Mom ironsmi madre plancha
my sister singsmi hermana canta
his Dad writessu padre escribe
the bus arrivesel bus llega
nosotros (knew a person)conocimos
he learned; found outsupo
I went to bedme acosté
mi madre (ironed)plancho
Paco (counted)contó
You all did sendUds. mandaron
Elena (combed)se peinó
you (returned an object)devolví
ellas (woke up)se despertaron
he heardoyó
ellos (got up)se levantaron
you-familiar-ate dinnercenaste
Ud. (did wash)Ud. lavó
it rainedllovió
mi padre (closed)cerró
la clase (remembered)recordó
la familia (woke up)se despertó
Ana y yo(ran)corrimos
(I put on) el puse
you (played a sport)jugué
el grupo (told)dijo
Ud. y yo (went)fuimos
Marta (refused)no quiso
I looked forbusqué
la calse (repeated)repitió
I met (person for first time)conocimos
Ud. (managed to)pudo
you-familiar-did understandentendiste, comprendiste
I arrivedllegué
ellos (returned) a las ochollegaron
I crossedcrucé
she suggestedsugirió
he said goodbyese despidió
Ana got (NOT recibir)tuvo
we did putpusimos
they turned offapagaron
we did find outsupimos
I triedquise
they triedquisieron
she refusedno quiso
Ud. (did)Ud. hizo
Juan producedprodujo
ella (asked for)pidió
nosotros (found)encontramos
Pedro, you (did skate)patinaste
it happenedpasó, ocurrió
I finishedterminé
you-familiar-waited foresperaste
Paco (shaved)se afeitó
I found outsupe
ella (paid)pagó
Gloria (told)dijo
ellos sat downse sentaron
we suggestedsugerimos
you all asked forUds. pidieron
we found outsupimos
she met a person for first timeconoció
we got, received (NOT recibir)tuvimos
I triedquise
he refusedno quiso
we wentfuimos
they did gofueron
she turned offapagó
I ate lunchalmorcé
I crossedcrucé
she had a good timese divirtó
we tolddijimos
they walkedcaminaron; anduvieron
la clase (repeated)repitió
they camevinieron
I arrivedllegué
you-familiar-managed topudiste
she did studyestudió
I did; madehice
you all sawUds. vieron
la familia (slept)durmió
Ud. y yo (repeated)repetimos
I played (music)toqué
Did you all pay?¿Pagaron Uds.?
they returned (an object)devolvieron
I thinkpienso
I eat lunchalmuerzo
we findencontramos
she returns (to a place)ella vuelve
we preferpreferimos
I tell (a story)cuento
you all sleepUds. duermen
you-formal-sleepUd. duerme
they are losingpierden
you-familiar-do understandentiendes
we are closingcerramos
I don't rememberno recuerdo
we can notno podemos
Do you all understand?¿Entienden Uds.?
it costscuesta
they are having lunchalmuerzan
we do not wantno queremos
the class prefersla clase prefiere
Ana & I rememberAna y yo recordamos
Who wants to return?¿Quién quiere volver?
the family has lunchla familia almuerza
they do plan to gopiensan ir
I don't findno encuentro
Paco is closingPaco cierra
the team is losingel equipo pierde
we thinkpensamos
I preferprefiero
they costcuestan
my friend & I prefermi amigo y yo preferimos
my brother & I canmi hermano y yo podemos
Do you-familiar-remember?¿Recuerdas?
we are returning (to a place)volvemos
they are countingcuentan
you all rememberUds. recuerdan
you-familiar-are closingcierras
I want to count.Quiero contar.
I can't sleep.No puedo dormir.
we do countcontamos
you-formal-are losingUd. pierde
the group doesn't understandel grupo no entiende
I can findpuedo encontrar
the boy prefers to sleepel chico prefiere dormir
they plan to closepiensan cerrar
to campacampar
to rentalquilar
to helpayudar
to dancebailar
to changecambiar
to walkcaminar
to singcantar
to eat dinnercenar
to cookcocinar
to buycomprar
to restdescansar
to wantdesear
to teach; to showenseñar
to listen toescuchar
to wait for; to hopeesperar
to studyestudiar
to win, gain, earnganar
to talk, speakhablar
to washlavar
to cleanlimpiar
to callllamar
to take, carry; to wearllevar
to order; to sendmandar
to look at; to watchmirar
to swimnadar
to pass; to happen; to spend (time)pasar
to skatepatinar
to ironplanchar
to fit; to be left; to be locatedquedar
to finish, endterminar
to take; to drinktomar
to worktrabajar
to learnaprender
to drinkbeber
to eatcomer
to understandcomprender
to runcorrer
should, ought to, must; to owedeber
to readleer
to sellvender
to openabrir
to sharecompartir
to writeescribir
to insistinsistir
to receiverecibir
to livevivir
to closecerrar (ie)
to tell; to countcontar (ue)
to findencontrar (ue)
to understandentender (ie)
to rainllover (ue)
to think; to planpensar (ie)
to loseperder (ie)
to rememberrecordar (ue)
to sit downsentarse (ie)
to returnvolver (ue)
to go to bedacostarse (ue)
to shaveafeitarse
to bathebañarse
to wake updespertarse (ie)
to showerducharse
to wash oneselflavarse
to get uplevantarse
to put on makeupmaquillarse
to combpeinarse
to put onponerse
to know (be familiar with)conocer
to hearoír
to leavesalir
to say goodbyedespedirse (i / i)
to sleepdormir (ue / u)
to have fundivertirse (ie / i)
to request; to ask forpedir (i / i )
to preferpreferir (ie / i)
to repeatrepetir (i / i)
to feelsentir (ie / i)
to suggestsugerir (ie / i)
to get dressedvestirse (i / i)
to follow; to continueseguir (i / i)
to have lunchalmorzar (ue)
to turn offapagar
to look forbuscar
to crosscruzar
to beginempezar (ie)
to investigate; to researchinvestigar
to play (a game or sport)jugar a (ue)
to arrivellegar
to paypagar
to practicepracticar
to take out; to take picturessacar
to play (an instrument / music)tocar
to walk; to work; functionandar
to say; to telldecir
to be (location; condition)estar
to do; to makehacer
to goir
to be able to / managed topoder
to putponer
to produceproducir
to want / tried / refusedquerer
to know (facts) / found outsaber
to be (characteristic)ser
to have / got; receivedtener
to bringtraer
to comevenir
we support each othernos apoyamos
they help each otherse ayudan
we know each other wellnos conocemos bien
we don't know each other wellnos conocemos mal
they tell each other jokes/gossipse cuentan chistes
we used to get along wellnos llevábamos bien
we didnt get along wellno nos llevamos bien
we hate each othernos odiamos
they fight with each otherse pelean
we forgive each othernos perdonamos
we complainnos quejamos
I used to complainme quejaba
we greet each othernos saludamos
they phone each otherse telefonean
we get encouragednos animamos
I apply myself dedico a
she gets discouragedse desanima
Did you all get excited?¿Se entusiasmaron Uds?
he is opposed tose opone a
I get nervousme pongo nervioso
she used to feel frustratedse sentía frustrada
they feel frustratedse sienten frustrados
I go to bedme acuesto
she gets upse levanta
she was taking a showerse duchaba
you-familiar-do dry (your hair)te secas
we get dressednos vestimos
I do get dressedme visto
she is putting on (clothes)se pone
I am getting tired ofme canso de
they get angryse enojan
I am having funme divierto
Are you all having fun?¿Se divierten Uds.?
she injured herselfse lastimó
I wake upme despierto
they used to worry aboutse preocupaban de
I washed (face)me lavé
she is putting on makeupse maquilla
he took a bathse bañó
we love each othernos queremos
they used to see each otherse veían
they talked to each otherse hablaron
we hid ourselvesnos escondimos
I got, became boredme aburrí
Did you-familiar get excited¿Te entusiasmaste?
you all fought with eachotherUds. se pelearon
I opposedme opuse
Did you all oppose?¿Se opusieron Uds?
he got, became nervousse puso nervioso
you-familiar-felt frustratedte sentiste frustrado
they got along wellse llevaron bien
they were helping each otherse ayudaban
I applied, dedicated myself tome dediqué a
I used to go to bedme acostaba
she got upse levantó
he woke upse despertó
I got dressedme vestí
Did she get angry?¿Se enojó?
I injured myselfme lastimé
we had funnos divertimos
we will collaboratecolaboraremos
I conserve moreconservo más
you all consumed lessUds. consumieron menos
he used to get alongconvivía
they have createdhan creado
you (fam.) will take care ofcuidarás de
you (formal) had donatedUd. había donado
I educated the publiceduqué al público
he made an efforthizo un esfuerzo
he had made an efforthabía hecho un esfuerzo
we are forestamos a favor de
they will be againstestarán en contra de
I fought againstluché contra
she has participatedha participado
they do permitpermiten
she will participateparticipará
I belongpertenezco
I used to belongpertenecía
you (fam.) picked uprecogiste
you all will resolveUds. resolverán
you all resolvedUds. resolvieron
he plantssiembra
he plantedsembró
we have votedhemos votado
I will preservepreservaré
I will fight againstlucharé contra
you all volunteeredUds. trabajaron de voluntario
you all have volunteeredUds. han trabajado de voluntario
in order to beautifypara embellecer
we used to be forestábamos a favor de

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