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POB 11 Terms

demographicsstudy of population
advertisingpaid promotion
market researchstudy showing what types of products people like to buy
break-even pointpoint at which sales equals the costs
consumer goodsitems sold to individuals and families
convenience goodsproducts consumers use regularly without spending much effort
shopping goodsproducts consumers buy after looking around and comparing
specialty goodsproducts consumers select by brand or by company
introduction phaseproduct is placed on the market for the first time
growth phaseproduct becomes popular; sales and profits increase sharply
mature phasesales level off and profits begin to fall
declining phaseproduct is no longer profitable; producer stops making it
rational motivesto think logically about a purchase
emotional motivesfeelings or attitudes that cause you to buy on impulse
patronage motivescauses you to be loyal to certain shops and companies
nondiscretionary incomeused to buy items to meet basic needs
discretionary incomeleft over after basic needs are met

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