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8th Grade Vocab I

Use these activities to improve your vocabulary.

eludeto get away from as by daring
scenicof or marked by picturesque natural scenery
curea method of medical treatment designed to restore health; act of preserving a product
tenementsbuildings to live in, usually rented, sometimes cheap or run down
portiona part of a whole
defensiveexpecting or being subject to attack
hostileof or pertaining to an enemy; not hospitable
impenetrablenot capable of being penetrated or entered; incomprehensible
inconspicuousnot readily noticeable
indifferenthaving or showing no interest; neither good nor bad
indignantfeeling or expressing indignation;angry
inferencethe act or process of inferring; something inferred; a conclusion
influence (noun)the power to bring about effects or changes
influence (verb)to have power or influence over; affect
informto give form or character to; to impart information; tell
initiationthe act or process of initiating; a ceremony with which a new member is initiated
apathylack of feeling or interest in things generally found exciting
deductionthe act of deducting; the act of reasoning in a logial way
remedy (noun)a medicine or therapy that relieves pain or cures disease
remedy (verb)to counteract or rectify an error

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