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Chapter 22

Ku Klux KlanThe organization known as the KKK.
NickelodeonBack in the 1900, the closest thing to a movie was the crude "_____".
BudgetThe ____ and Accounting Act was passed to create an efficient method of outlinging how the government was to spend its revenues.
ForbesA director of the Veterans Bureau he stole more than $200 million from the government.
Coolidge"Silent Cal"
General AccountingThe _____ _______ Office was set up by Congress to check on how well the government spent its yearly budget.
DregsThe least desirable parts of somthing.
CroniesClose freinds or companions of long standing
TaylorHe revolutionized many industires wiht his "Scientific management" studies for improving produciton output.
FlappersThe name given to young women of the 1920's who wore their hair and their boots unbuckled.
BostonA police strike in this city caused Governor Coolidge to send in troops to return law and order.
HughesThis secretary of state organized the Washington Naval Conference.
WallA bomb exploding on this street in the financial district of NYC left 38 people dead in 1920.
WagesDuring the 1920's, Americans were making the highest ___ in history while working the shortest hours.
BufordKnown as the "Soviet Ark", this ship carries susspected Bolshevicks deoprted from America back to the Soviet Union.
VanguardThe foremost or leading position in a trend or movement.
KickbackCharles Forbes recieved a "____" of money from companies he awarded ederal contracts to in the 1920's.
Four PowerUnder this agreement, japan, great britain, france, and the us promised to respect each other's rights in the pacific.
DemocratsThis political party was supported by labor unions and recently naturalized American citizens.
DaughertyThis Attorney-General sold "protection" to people violation the 18th amendment.
TemperanceThis movement acheived it goal with passage of the 18th amendment.
HardingUnder his administration, emergency tariffs were raised to protect American farmers from Canadian competition.
DisarmamentThe opposite of and "arms race" between nations.
NationalThe ____ Origins Act of 1924 was passed to keep out the supposedly "inferior newcomers" by placing restricitons on their immigration.
SuffrageThe women's ______ movement acheived its ulimate aim with passage of the 19th amendment.
VoteWith the passage of the 19th amendement, women gained this right throughout America.
GenialWarm and plesant.
FinlandThe only nation ever to completely repay all of its war loans back to the US
FreudHis writings about psychoanalysis helped to stimulate the revolution in morals that occured in America during the 1920's.

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