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Suffixes and Combining Forms

This learning tool is for Algonquin Paramedic Students and is from the material in chapter 2 of Quick and Easy Medical Terminology.

-centesisA surgical puncture to aspirate or remove fluid.
-ectomyAn excision (surgical removal or cutting out).
-lysisA process of loosening, freeing, or destroying.
-pexyA surgical fixation (fastening in a fixed position).
-plastyA surgical repair.
-rrhaphyA suture (uniting a wound by stitches).
-scopyA visual examination with a lighted instrument.
-stomyThe formation of an opening.
-tomeAn instrument used for cutting.
-tomyAn incision (cutting into tissue).
-tripsyA surgical crushing.
append/o, appendic/oappendix
cerebr/o, encephal/obrain
cutane/o, derm/a, dermat/oskin
mamm/o, mast/obreast
vas/ovessel; ductus deferens (also called vas deferens, excretory duct of the testicle).
-celehernia (protrusion of all or part of an organ through the wall of the cavity that contains it).
-ectasia, -ectasisdilatation (dilation, enlargement) or stretching of a structure or part.
-ia, -iasiscondition
-malaciasoft, softening
-maniaexcessive preoccupation
-osiscondition (often an abnormal condition; sometimes, an increase).
-phobiaabnormal fear
-ptosisprolapse (sagging)
-rrhage, -rrhagiaexcessive bleeding or hemorrhage.
-rrheaflow or discharge
-spasmtwitching, cramp
-stasisstopping, controlling
-able, -iblecapable of, able to
-ac, -al, -an, -ar, -ary, -eal, -ic, -ive, -ticpertaining to
-eum, -iummembrane
-iacone who suffers
-ismcondition or theory
-istone who
-logistone who studies; specialist
-ouspertaining to or characterized by
-ystate or condition.

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