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Review of basic fifth grade geography terms

cardinal directionnorth,south,east,and west
cartographerperson who makes maps
elevationdistance above or below sea level
equatoran imaginary line of latitude that circles the earth halfway between the North Pole and South Pole
hemispherehalf of the earth
isthmusnarrow strip of land joining two larger bodies of land and having water on both sides
landformfeature of the earth's surface created by nature
landlockednot having a seacoast
latitudedistance north and south,measured in degrees, from the eaquator to the poles
longitudedistance measured in degrees east and west of the Prime Meridian
natural resourcesthings that are provided by nature and are useful to people
peninsulaa piece of land extending into the water from a larger body of land
physical mapa map that shows the kind of landforms on the earth by showing differences in elevation
plateaua large high,rather level area that is raisesd above the surrounding land
political mapa map that shows national and state boundaries and the names and location of cities
precipitationrain, snow ,sleet,hail, fog , or mist
Prime Meridianthe 0 degree line of longitude and it passed through Greenwich, England
river mouththe end of a river where it flows into another body of water
river sourcethe beginning or start of a river
straita narrow body of water connecting two larger bodies of water
suburbsmall community on the outskirts of a larger city
tributarya stream or river that flows into a large river

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