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Spanish 2 Verbs- Present Tense

Practice conjugating verbs in the present tense.

cocinoI cook
cocinasyou cook
cocinamoswe cook
llevoI wear
llevasyou wear
ella llevashe wears
ellos llevanthey wear
ustedes llevanyou all wear
me gustaI like
te gustayou like
nos gustawe like
le gustasomebody likes
paseoI stroll around
ella paseashe strolls around
ellos paseanthey stroll around
ustedes paseanyou all stroll around
quieroI want
quieresyou want
ella quiereshe wants
ellos quierenthey want
ustedes quierenyou all want
comoI eat
comesyou eat
ella comeshe eats
ellos comenthey eat
leoI read
leesyou read
ella leeshe reads
ellos leenthey read
ustedes leenyou all read
llueveit rains
nievait snows
salgoI go out
salesyou go out
ella saleshe goes out
ellos salenthey go out
ustedes salenyou all go out
tengoI have
tienesyou have
ella tieneshe has
limpioI clean
limpiasyou clean
ella limpiashe cleans
lavoI wash
lavasyou wash
ella lavashe washes
ellos lavanthey wash
ustedes lavanyou all wash
juegoI play
juegasyou play
ella juegashe plays
ellos jueganthey play
ustedes jueganyou all play
trabajoI work
trabajasyou work
ella trabajashe works
ellos trabajanthey work
hagoI do
hacesyou do
ella haceshe does
hacerto do/make
lloverto rain
nevarto snow
cocinarto cook
tenerto have
salirto go out
irto go
leerto read
comerto eat
quererto want
gustarto be pleasing
pasearto stroll around
llevarto wear
lavarto wash
limpiarto clean
trabajarto work
charlarto chat
jugarto play
estudiarto study
yo estudioI study
Mis amigos y yo etudiamosmy friends and I study
Juan y yo hablamosJuan and I talk
Juan y yo jugamosJuan and I play
Juan y yo limpiamosJuan and I clean

Sra. Diaz

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