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Motion, Force, and Energy Review Games

Reviws concepts of energy, force, and motion for 6th grade level.

Mechanical EnergyEnergy of motion (waterfall)
Chemical EnergyEnergy that bonds atoms (gasoline)
Heat EnergyRubbing 2 items together (motion of particles)
Electromagnetic EnergyElectric Motors (Motion of moving particles)
Nuclear EnergySun (energy from nuclei of atom
Pulleychain, belt, or rope wrapped around a wheel
Fulcrumthe place at which a lever is supported
Inclined Planestraight slanted surface which multiplies force
Speeddistance traveled by an object per unit of time
Motiona change in position relative to a frame of reference
Average speedDistance/Time
Velocityspeed in a specific direction
AcceleratinRate of change in velocity
DistanceLength between two places
Circular motionconstant change in velocity
Balanced forcesthe motion of an object is completely stopped
Unbalanced forcesets an object in motion
A ramp is an example ofan inclined plane
Wedgeinclined plane that moves

Mendy Brown

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