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Stress, Health and Well-Being - 1

Terms and concepts from the study of stress and health.

Type-A SyndromeAngry, competitive, and perfectionistic behavior pattern.
Chronic StressContinuous state of arousal, in which demands perceived to be greater than resources.
Anticipatory copingEfforts made in advance of potential stressor.
PsyneuroimmunologyResearch specialty that investigates effects of stress on systems and functions of body.
Type-T SyndromeBehavior pattern seeking thrills and taking risks, stimulation, and excitement.
HardinessQuality resulting from the three "C's" of health: challenge, commitment, & control.
Stress Moderator variableVariable that changes the impact of a stressor on a particular reaction.
Posttraumatic Stress disorderReaction in which an individual involuntarily re-experiences emotional, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of past trauma.
Cognitive AppraisalRecognition and evaluation of stressor to assess the threat, demand, resources available to deal with it.
Biopsychosocial ModelNew view of body-mind interaction which examines health consequences of related factors in the nervous system, immune system, behavior, cognition, and environment.
Acute stressTemporary pattern of arousal, with clear onset and offset.
Subjective well-beingIndividual's evaluative response to their lives.

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