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"Glass" vocab for 4/23


annunciationan announcement, usually with religious meaning
imminentimpending, threatening, or likely to hapen immediately
supercilioushaughty, contemptuous, or full of pride or scorn
unobtrusivenot noticeable; not calling attention to oneself
incandescentgleaming, glowing with intense heat, shining brilliantly, or very bright
tribulationsafflictions, causes of misery or distress, or deep sorrows
luminousshining, bright, or giving off light; alsoclearly understood or intellectually brilliant
candelabruma large branched candlestick
intimatedmade known indirectly; hinted or implied
expositiona large public exhibition or show, often international in scope
beleagueredharassed; beset with difficulties; besieged by encircling
tumultuouslyuproariously, wildly, and noisily
pleurosisinflammation of the thin membrane that covers the lungs and lines the chest cavity
unicornmythical, horse-like animal with a single horn growing from the center of its forehead
abashedmade ill at ease or self-conscious
decorouslyin a manner that shows propriety or good taste

Barbara Henson

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