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Civil War I

Terms and People

secedeto withdraw
Richmondnew capital of the Confederacy
Abraham Lincolnelected President in 1860
Fort Sumterfirst shots fired here in Civil War
cottonmain source of income for the South
Robert. E. LeeSupreme commander of Confederate Army
9,000,000population of South in 1860
Jefferson DavisPresident of the Confederacy
John Brownabolitionist who raided Harper's Ferry
Feb. 12, 1809Lincoln's birthdate
West Virginianew state formed from part of an old one
22,000,000population of the North in 1860
drafta method of obtaining new recruits for the army
Bull RunFirst real battle of the war
U. S. GrantUnion general given command in the East
Vicksburgimportant city on the Miss. R. taken by Union
General Shermanin charge of the 'March to the Sea'
George McClellanDemocratic candidate in 1864
Battle of Gettysburgturning point of the war for the Union
One goal of the Northcapture Richmond
Appomattox Courthouseplace where Gen. Lee and the Confederate army surrendered
greenbackspaper money printed by the North
CopperheadsNortherners who supported the South
The MerrimacSouthern Ironclad
Clara Bartonnurse and founder of the American Red Cross
General George PickettConfederate general who tried one last time to defeat the Union in "Pickett's Charge"
Stonewall JacksonConfederate general accidentally shot by own sentry
13th Amendmentconstitutional amendment that freed slaves
The MonitorNorthern Ironclad
Dorothea DixSuperintendent of Union army nurses
General George MeadeCommander of Union troops at Gettysburg
"The Gettysburg Address"brief speech made by Lincoln regarding equality of mankind
General Philip Sheridanled the cavalry into Shenandoah Valley
"Rebel Yell"Confederate scream to stir up troops as they went into battle
1861 - 1865years of the Civil War
April 9, 1865General Lee surrendered to the Union
Battle of ShilohFirst huge battle won by the Union
Emancipation Proclamationdeclaration that freed the slaves in the Slave states
Ironcladsships refitted with 4 inches of iron plates and used in the Civil War
Petersburg, VAlongest battle of Civil War (9 months)

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