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SAT Week 4 Word List

SAT prep week 4 word list by Kelly Hanna

Antebellumbefore war
Antediluvianbefore the flood
Procrastinateto put off until tomorrow
Proponentsomeone who places something before someone else
Euphonioussounds good
Eurhythmicsgood rythum
Euphemismgood form
Rectifyto make right
Mollifyto make soft
Effectto make happen
Factsomething that has been done
Alteregoanother personality
Alternateother choice
Predicttell something beforehand
Dictaphonething you talk into
Dictionarybook of spoken things
Dictionaccent (foreign)
Indictto speak against someone
Astronautsails the stars
Cosmonautsails the world
nauticalsails the sea
Nautilusone who is in the ocean
Spectatorone who watches
Inspectlook into
Spectoclegreat thing to see
Respectimmitate or look up to
Retrospectlook back at earlier time
Navigatorone who charts the sea
Navigableable to be traveled by ship
Navygroup of ships that sail
Antiquityold thing
Antiqueold artifact
Antiquarianold person, old idea
Sonataa sound
Altohigh, but lower than suprano
Contatasung piece of music
Pluckpull it
Harmonyto make the same sound
Compositionwords placed together
Navalhaving to do with sea
Tenorperson that can hold a note
Movementpiece of music that moves
Fortestrong, hard
Pianosoft, smooth
Amorosolovely, tenderly
Allegroplay fastly
Conespresso moltowith much force
Fortissimomost, very strong
Pianissimovery soft
ClefKey the music is in
Lentocome off slowly
Crescendoto increase in tone or sound
Diminuendoto get softer
Cadencefalls on the beat
Soloby yourself
Duet2 people
Trio3 people
Quartet4 people
Habeas Corpusbrought before a judge
Ex Porteto take someones side
Causa Mortiscause of death
Prima Faciefirst face on the face of it
Sua Sponteown voluntary
Sub Poeraunder punishment
Corpus DelictiVictum

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