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This is a review of the basic concepts and definitions in our Hinduism unit.

SamsaraThe cycle of karma driven birth.
KarmaActions are seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results.
MantraWord or formula to be recited or sung.
CasteA social hierarchy ordering marriage and social roles.
BrahminsScholarly elite, long associated with the priesthood.
KshatriyasRuling and military class.
VaisyasMerchants and farmers.
SudrasThe peasantry.
UntouchablesLowest posistion of caste. Outlawed in India's Constitution.
AumSyllable for Supreme Reality.
Janana YogaYoga of the mind. Emphasizes meditation.
Bhakti YogaYoga that emphasizes directing your devotion/love towards God.
Raja YogaCombines elements of Janana,Bhakti,Karma and Hatha Yogas.
Hatha YogaYoga that stresses body control.
BrahmaA speicific creator god.
BrahmanUltimate Reality/World Soul.
NihilismPhilosophy that stresses distate for life. Life has no purpose.
AhismaReverence for life.
SamhitasBasic Vedas. Rig Veda,Samaveda,Vajurveda,Atharaveda.
VedaSanskrit for knowledge.
Indus River ValleyLocated in present day Pakistan.
Vishnu/Purushottama/NarayanaThe preserver. The ideal in masculinity.
ShivaThe Destroyer. 3rd Eye of wisdom/annihilation.
SaraswatiGoddess of knowledge and learning. Wedded to Brahma.
LakshmiGoddess of Weatlh/Prosperity. Consort to Vishnu.
Uma/Parvati/Durga/KaliGoddess of Power/Strength and Energy. 9 Forms. Shiva's consort.
GaneshaRemover of obstacles. Son of Shiva and Parvati.
HanumanKnow for total single minded loyalty to Rama and Sita.
KrishnaIncarnation of Vishnu. Object of devotion and unfailing love.
RamaIncarnation of Vishnu. Known as "God incarnate as morality."
Infant Welcoming RitualPlaces great importance on the point where a child consumes solid food.
Krishna JanmashtamiMarks the birthday of Krishna.
Rama NavamiHoliday centered on the veneration of god Rama.
Durga PujaObservance of the triumph of good over evil.
Marriage CeremoniesUsually arranged between families.

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