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Population and Culture

Chapter 3 Study Games

Cultural landscapea landscape that has been altered by human beings and reflects their culture.
AcculturationThe process of accepting, borrowing, and exhanging traits between cultures.
demographythe study of human populations, including their size, growth, density, distribution, and rates of births, marriages, and deaths.
population densitynumber of people per square mile.
birthratethe number o live births each year per 1,000 people.
deathratethe number of deaths each year per 1,000 people.
metropolitan areaa central city surrounded by smaller communities know as suburbs.
urbanizationthe change from a rural, or countrylike society, to one that is urban, or citylike, in character.
cultural traita behavioral characteristic of a people, such as language, custom, or skill, passed on from one generation to another.
diffusionthe process of spreading cultural traits from one person or society to another.
Cultural Heartha place in which important ideas begin and thereafter spread to surrounding cultures.
Sovereigntya country's freedom and power to decide on policies and actions
UnitaryOne central government makes lawa for theentire nation and gives local governments only limited power and authority.
Federalgives the national government certain powers and reserves others for the states.
Confederationsmaller political units keep their sovereignty and give the central government very limited powers.
Totalitarianismis central authority that controls all aspects of society, subordinating individual freedom to state interest.
Economic Systemthe way in which people produce, get, and use a country's goods and services
Renaissancea period in history during which many ideas of earlier civilizations were reintroduced.
Prehistorythe time in a people's past before writtern records were kept
nationalisma people's loyalty and devotion to their country
Archaelogistsscientist who study where early people lived and the evidence they left behind
migrateto move permanently to another place within the region
commercial agricultureproduction of food crops primarily for sale
literacy ratea measure of the number of people in a group who can read and write
free enterprisean economic system in which individuals and private businesses operate with little interference from their government

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