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William the ConquerorConsidered the first English king of England
Edward IIReally bad king, who was disemboweled on the orders of his wife, Isabella of France.
Richard IIIAlthought given a bad rap bby Shakespeare, was probably an OK king
Henry VIIUnited the houses of York and Lancaster.
Henry VIIIDivorced, behaeaded, died, divored, beheaded, survived.
Edward VIHenry VIII's only son, whose mother was Jane Seymour
Mary IDaughter of Henry VIII by his first wife, Katherine of Aragon, she was married to Phillip of Spain and called bloody.
Elizabeth IDaughter of Henry VIII by his second wife, Anne Boleyn, she is probably the most beloved queen of all time so far.
James VI and IOnly son of Mary Queen of Scots by her 1st husband, Henry, Lord Darnley (although his father is disputed in some circles)
Charles IIHis most famous mistress was the famous actress Nell Gwynne, although he had many.
AnneHad an affair with a good friend of hers, Sarah Churchill. Although she had 17 children, only one lived past the age of two, and that one died at 12.
George ICould not speak a word of English upon ascending to the throne.
George IIIAlthough remembered for going insane, he was actually a good king until he showed the symptoms that is now believed to be Porphyria.
VictoriaEngland's longest reigning queen, she might be outruled by Elizabeth II.
Edward VIIIHe abdicated the throne after a year in order to marry the American divorcee Wallis Warfield Simpson.
George VIThe current queen's father, he is known to have cried upon finding out he was king
Elizabeth IIThe current queen, she is married to Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, the former Prince of Greece
Edward IIIEdward the II's son, he was one of the best kings ever.
Henry VIBetter suited for the monastery then the crown, he deplored nudity and stunk at being king. His horrible reign is sometimes sited as having started the War of the Roses
William IIIRuled jointly in name only with Mary II. She said she was content with all his opinions.

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