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Geography Bee

Questions from Category C

What major river flows through Louisiana and into the Gulf of Mexico?Mississippi River
What is the name of the northern-most of the Great Lakes?Lake Superior
What is the national capital of Canada?Ottawa
What state borders Alabama and Georgia to the south?Florida
Which state is farther south, Wyoming or South Dakota?Wyoming
Long Island is part of what State?New York
Asia borders what other continent?Europe
How many staes are south of the equator?None
What is the continent on which the Netherlands and Belgium are located?Europe
IF you traveled from Wyoming to Oregon, which direction would you be going?West
What is the name of the state that borders only one other state?Maine
On your map, 1 inch equals 100 miles. How many inches would it take to show 600 miles?6 inches
What state is colder year round, Texas or Ohio and why?Ohio; farther from the euqator
If you went to a San Francisco Giants home game, in what state would you be?California
What ocean is east of Africa?Indian Ocean
What is the capital of the American state that is made up of several islands?Honolulu
What body of water does the Mississippi River empty into?Gulf of Mexico
To go from Canada directly south to Nebraska, what two states would you pass through?South and North Dakota
What river forms the border between Texas and MexicoRio Grande
Explain the purpose of a key on a mapA key explains what the map's symbos mean
What sea is west of Alaska?Bering Sea
In what state are the Everglades located?Florida
Which continent is made up of a single country?Australia
What country is directly east of Alaska?Canada
What is the state capital of DelawareDover

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