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IV & AP---Pharr's Aeneid General Vocabulary Column4

Vocabulary drill on words from column 4 of pull-out general Vocabulary of Pharr's Aeneid

ille, illa, illudthat; he, she, it
immanis, immanehuge, monstrous, enormous, mighty, dreadful, cruel, atrocious
imperium, imperi n.command, power, rule, realm
imus, ima, imumlowest
in (+abl.)in, on, among
in (+acc.)into, against, toward
infelix, (gen.)infelicisunfortunate, accursed, unhappy, ill-omened, unlucky
inferus, infera, inferumlow, below, underneath
ingens, (gen.)ingentisenormous, mighty, huge
inter (+acc.)between, among, during
ipse, ipsa, ipsumhimself, herself, itself; very
ira, irae f.wrath, anger, rage, passion
is, ea, idhe, she, it; this; that
Italia, Italiae f.Italy
jamnow, already, finally, at once
jubeo, jubere, jussi, jussus, -a, -umto order, to command, to bid, to urge
Juno, Junonis f.Juno, queen of the gods
Juppiter, Jovis m.Jupiter, king of the gods
labor, labi, lapsus, -a, -umto slip, to glide, to slide
labos, laboris m.labor, hardship, task
lacrima, lacrimae f.tear, compassion
laetus, laeta, laetumhappy; fertile, fat, sleek
limen, liminis n.threshold, doorway, entrance; abode; shrine; palace
litus, litoris n.shore, strand, coast, beach
locus, loci, region; condition, situation; opportunity
longus, longa, longumlong, distant
lumen, luminis n.light, lamp; eye; life
lux, lucis f.light, sun, day; life; glory
magnus, magna, magnumgreat, large, huge, vast; noble, illustrious, mighty, important
maneo, manere, mansi, mansurus, -a, -umto remain, to stay, to abide, to linger
manus, manus f.hand; band, troop
mare, maris n. sea

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