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These activities will help you become more familiar with the vocabulary involved in the chemistry unit. Have fun and remember... you are as cool as an endothermic reaction.

Chemical ChangeA change that takes place when the actual chemical composition of the material is changed.
PrecipitateA solid that is produced during a chemical reaction.
ExothermicA type of reaction that in which heat is given off.
EndothermicA type of reaction in which heat is absorbed, or taken in.
Physical ChangeAny change in a substance that alters the form or appearance of the material, but does not make a new substance.
An example of a chemical changeBaking soda + vinegar = Carbon dioxide gas
An example of a physical changeFrozen water turning to liquid water
Melting PointThe temperature at which a solid turns into a liquid
Freezing PointThe temperature at which a liquid turns into a solid
Boiling PointThe temperature at which a liquid turns into a gas
Condensation PointThe temperature at which a gas turns into a liquid
MatterAny material that has mass and volume
GasA state of matter with no definate shape or volume
SolidA state of matter with a definate shape and volume
LiquidA state of matter that has no definate shape, but a definate volume
AtomThe smallest particle of an element
ProtonPositively charged particle in an atom
NeutronNeutral particle in an atom
ElectronNegatively charged particle in an atom
NucleusCenter of an atom, made up of protons and neutrons

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