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Niz-Nuz Study of the Westward Movement - (copy)

Who purchased the Louisiana TerritoryPresident Thomas Jefferson
What emperor owned the Louisiana territoryNapoleon of France
Why did this emperor want to sell the Louisiana territory?He needed money for military supplies
Pres. Jefferson sent what two people to negotiate the purchase?Livingston & Monroe
Who negotiated the purchase for the French?Talleyrand
How much did the country purchase the Louisiana territory for?$15,000,000
The purchase of the Louisiana territory...doubled the size of the country
The Louisiana Purchase was completed in1803
President Jefferson goals were...Expand the west, reduce taxes, and cut military spending
President Jefferson needed Congress' approval for theLewis & Clark Expedition
The Lewis & Clark Expedition was paid for usingtaxpayer funds
Jefferson wanted Lewis & Clark tofind a water route to the Pacific and explore the region
The Lewis & Clark expedition took2 1/2 years
Lewis & Clark did not find awater route to the Pacific Ocean
The Treaty of Paris in 1783recognized American independence
The Treaty of Paris in 1783 recognized new borders that werenorth to the Great Lakes, West to the Mississippi River, and south to 31' latitude
The Treaty of Paris allowedAmericans to settle in trade west of the 13 colonies
The most fertile land in the midwest lay between what two mountain ranges?Rockies and Appalachians
Before becoming states, regions were calledterritories
The Erie Canal linked Lake Erie with theHudson River
The longest overland route to the Pacific was called theOregon Trail
The main southern route was called theSanta Fe Trail
The pioneers made the trip in caravans usingcovered wagons
These two immigrant groups helped to build the railroadsChinese and the Irish
Lewis & Clark began their trip from the midwestern city ofSt. Louis, Missouri
People settled west foreconomic reasons
The land was more_____in the west than in many areas of New Englandfertile
The highways of civilization before railroads were therivers
What obstacles did pioneers face in making the trip west?geographical difficulties, climate, diseases, food and water shortages, poor sanitation,and skirmishes with Native Americans
In Texas cowboys worked in what type of ranching?cattle
Americans saw what type of opportunities in the west?farming, trading and gold
Alaska was purchased for _____, and from what country?$7,200,000; Russia
The Gold Rush occurred in what western state?California
Who traveled with Lewis & Clark during the expedition?A French fur trapper and his wife Sacagawea

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