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Excel Review Questions

CellThe name of the box formed by the intersection of a row and a column?
Active cellThe name of the area within a worksheet that is current, or ready to receive information
<F5>The <GoTo> key
ValuesAre used in calculations
Numeric LabelsUsed for descriptive headings such as social security numbers, telephone numbers
LabelsSimple text
TruncateIf the label is too long to fit in a cell entry is what
####Cell is too small for value
XLSExtension given to all Excel files
<Ctrl><Home>Moves cursor to cell A1
FormulaAn instruction to calculate a number
Formula barFormula appears in the cell and in this area
SUMAdds all values in a range of cells
MINIndicates the lowest value in a range of cells
MAXIndicates the highest value in a range of cells
COUNTCounts all the non-blank cells in a range
COUNTACounts labels or numeric labels
AVERAGEAverages values in a range of cells
>=Greater than or equal to
<=Less than or equal to
=Indicates the beginning of a formula
<>Not equal to
>Greater than
<Less than
MIN, MAX, SUM, AVERAGESamples of functions
RangeA defined area of the worksheet such as A1:H20
<F2>The edit key
$C$20Absolute value
<F5>Go To Key
Right alignValues are aligned right, left, or center?
<F2>Edit key
MIN and MAXExamples of Functions
MIN min MinWays a function can be typed
Numeric LabelsDOB, SS #, Telephone Numbers

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