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Sexual reproduction/Meiosis

Practice vocaubulary and concepts

zygoteThe first diploid cell after fertilization
fertilizationThe fusion of two gametes
gameteA haploid cell specialized for sexual reproduction
ovary/ovariesOrgan responsible for producing female gamete
testis/testesOrgan responsible for producing the male gamete
meiosisType of cell division that produces haploid cells
mitosisType of cell division that produces clones
buddingWhen a clone grows off an adult's body
vegetative reproductionwhen a plant grows clones off an adult plant
hydraAn anumal that forms buds
sea anemoneA sea creature that can clone itself
fetusAn unborn baby
cloneA perfect, but younger copy
asexual reproductionMaking more by mitosis only
sexual reproductionMaking more using gametes
pollenPlant part that contains sperm cells
flagellumOrganelle that sperm cells swim with
conceptionAnother word for fertilization
menopauseThe point in female life cycle where ovaries stop releasing eggs
carcinogenA chemical that can cause cancer

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