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Avoiding Injuries...

A review of vocabulary from Chapter 4.

Muscle Cramp (p. 84)a spasm or sudden tightening of a muscle, usually the result of irritation within the muscle from being overworked, tired or dehydrated.
Strain (p. 85)a condition in which muscles have been overworked.
Sprain (p. 85)an injury to tissues surrounding a joint.
R.I.C.E (p. 85)Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.
Rest (p. 85)avoiding the use of the affected muscle or joint.
Ice (p. 85)reduces the pain and swelling.
Compression (p. 85)light pressure through use of an elastic bandage can reduce swelling.
Elevation (p. 85)raising the affected limb above the heart reduces pain and swelling.
Overexertion (p. 86)overworking the body.
Heat Cramps (p. 86)muscle spasms that are the result of loss of large amounts of salt and water through perspiration.
Heat Exhaustion (p. 87)an overheating of the body resulting in cold, clammy skin and symptoms of shock.
Frostbite (p. 87)a condition that results when body tissue becomes frozen.
Hypothermia (p. 87)a condition in which body temperature becomes dangerously low.

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