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Word List # 4-6

Ponderousheavy, weighty, lacking fluency (used in both physical and mental contexts)
Inconoclasta rebel, someone who does not conform
Orthodoxstrict in belief
Dogmaticvery stubborn, committed to one's views
Effronteryopen rudeness
Evanescentfleeting, short-lived
Anachronisticout of order in time
Exonerateto free from blame
Intransigentstubborn, not yielding
Carpingprone to criticizing
Decorousrespectable, appropriate, proper
Florid1) ornate, flowery 2) ruddy in color
Luminousilluminated, glowing
Idiosyncraticpeculiar, odd, strange
Extolto praise highly
Expropriateto steal
Embellish1) decorate; 2) exaggerate
Surreptitioussneaky, secretive
Naivelacking sophistication, gullible
Scrupulous1) moral; 2) careful, meticulous
Self-righteousarrogantly confident in one's own convictions
Indignationa feeling of insult and humiliation
Formidablethreatening, intimidating
Berateto criticize harshly
Discernnotice subtle differences
Emulateto imitate a person
Incumbentone who presently holds office
Feralfierce, wild

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