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ecology review 1-1 and 1-2

use the vocabulary words from the textbook to review meanings.

environmentall living and nonliving things with which an organism may interact
ecologythe sudy of the relsationships and interactions with one another and with their environment
ecosystema unit consisting of all living and nonliving things in a given area that interact with one another
communitythe living part of an ecosystem
populationa group of organisms of the same species living together in the same area
habitata place in which an organism lives and obtains the resources it needs to survive
produceran organism that is able to make its own food by using the energy of the sun
consumeran organism that cannot make its own food
autotropha producer
heterotropha consumer
decomposeran organism that breaks down the bodies of dead organisms into simple substances
food chaina representation of a series of events in which food, energy and matter are transferred from one organism to another
food weba diagram that consists of many overlapping food chains

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