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Unit 8 Vocabulary

elanAn enthusiastic vigor or liveliness, spirit, a flair
dissipateTo cause to disappear; to scatter; to spend foolishly, squander
disavowto deny responsibility for or connection with
conducivetending to promte or assist; helpfult, favorable
expurgateto remove objectionable passages or words from a written text
dispassionateimpartial, calm, free from emtion
consternationdismay, confusion
dissensiondisagreement, sharp difference of opinion
bovineresembling a cow or ox; sluggish unresponsive
acrimoniousstinging, bitter in temper or tone
corpulentfat; having a large, bulky body
subsevientsubordinate in capacity or role; serving to promte some end
perfidyfaithlessness; treachery
hypotheticalbased on an assumption or guess; used as a provinsional or tentative idea to guide or direct
impugnto call into question, attack as false
odiumhatred, contempt, disgrace or infamy resulting from hateful conduct
intemperateimmoderate, lacking in self-control
ignoblemean, low, base
squeamishincled to nausea; easily shocked or upset
susceptibleopen to; easily influeneced, lakcing in resistance
gauntletan armored or protective glove; an ordeal; a challenge to combat
relegateto pace in a lower position, to assign, refer, turn over, to banish

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