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Keyboard Terms

Define parts of the keyboard.

KeyboardDevice used like a typewriter
CursorLighted indicator used to show users exact position on the screen.
Caps Lock Used to type in all caps.
Backspace KeyRemoves letters to th left of the cursor.
Delete KeyUsed to remove letters to the right of the cursor.
Enter Key Used to submit information into the computer.
Shift KeyUsed to make letters capital.
Space BarSpaces the cursor one character at a time.
Tab KeyMoves the cursor to the next tab stop.
MonitorElectronic display screen.
Escape Key Used to get out of a program.
Home KeySends cursor to the beginning of the line.
End KeySends the cursor to the end of the line.
Number LockAllows you to use the keypad to the right of the keyboard
ArrowsUsed to scroll in direction.

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