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Types of Scuba & tanks

open circuitair is breathed from tank and exhausted into surrounding water as diver exhales
closed circuitbreathing gas is exhaled into closed system, filtered, recirculated and rebreathed by the diver
semi-closedmixed gas system, surface air supply (SAS)
steel tank 71.2 cu ft2475 psi (full)
+ means 10% overfillfirst five years after manufacture tank
standard "70" steel tank 65 cu ft2250 psi
aluminum tank 80 cu ft.3000 psi
aluminum tank weight empty33lbs
aluminum tank weight full40 lbs
steel tank weight empty28 lbs
steel tank weight full35 lbs
VIP-not a federal regulationtanks should be visually inspected internally once every year
hydrostatic test- federal regulationtanks must be pressured tested every 5 yrs
store tankstanding up with at least 100 psi of air
return to the boat with500 psi of air
know exactly where the boat is with1000 psi of air
K valveone knob
J valvetwo knobs 300 psi reserve
reserve valve upto make dive
reserve valve downto fill tank

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