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Dive table terms, pressure, nitrogen retention and SCUBA types

ascent rate60 feet/min or slower
bottom timebegins when diver leaves surface, ends when diver begins ascent
flying after divingwait 24 hrs after last dive
maximum sport diving depth100 ft
repetitive divew/in 12 hours of previous dive (on boat at least 10 min between dives)
repetitive group designationletter representing am't of residual nitrogen for 12h p/ dive
residual nitrogen time (RNT)time (min) + bottom time to account for residual nitrogen
safety stop3-5 min stop at 10-15 ft for all dives is recomended (esp > 50ft)
surface interval time (SIT)time you sit in the boat between dives
atmospheresdepth in feet/33 +1
psi x .20partial pressure of O (O2)
pis x .80partial pressure of N (N2)
open circuit SCUBAuses filtered compressed air
14.7 ft/sq in1 atm
closed circuitCaCO3 absorbs CO2; can't use below 25 ft(O2 poisoning)
semi closed circuitmixed gas (O2 & He) 400ft, 5 h
stagereduction in pressure
body stores nitrogenin bones, ligaments & tendons
< 10 min between divessame dive
dive deep divesfirst (so shallow dive blows off nitrogen
2 factors to prevent decompression sickenssdepth (depth gauge) time (watch)

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