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English Vocabulary Sophomore Year 1-40

GregariousSociable; Seeking and enjoying the company of others
RecriminationA retaliation
RecantTo make a formal retraction or disavowal of a previously held statement
AmbivalentlyUncertain or indecisiveness as to which course to follow
RaucousBoistrous and Disorderly
WaneTo decline
ProliferateTo increase or spread at a rapid rate
TumultRuckus; The dim and comotion of a great crowd
DerideTo mock
ForageTo look for food
PhilanthropistA humanitarian
DeploreTo condemn, loathe, abhor
StymiedStumped, Thwarted
TrappingsCharacteristics or symbolic signs
CruxThe basic, central, or critical feature
MalignTo slander
QuirkA peculiarity of behavior, An idiosyncracy
EnigmaA riddle, A puzzle, A conundrum
WaryOn guard, Watchful
FrugalThrifty, Economical
CrimpTo Obstruct
RiftA break in friendly relations
RequiemA service for the dead
CourtTo seek the approval of
ZealouslyFervently, Avidly, Enthousiastically
ChampionTo defend, To fight for, to support
WrenchA sudden tug at one's emotions
SkirtTo avoid, To evade
WilySly, Cunning
PlagiarismStealing someone else's ideas
TaintTo tarnish
ProlificProducing Alot
ClemencyA merciful, kind, or lenient act
SylvanAbounding in trees; Wooded
FloutTo scorn a rule
HarangueA critical speech
WindfallUnexpected Goodfortune
QuandaryA dilemma


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