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Global Glossary 1-20

absolute monarchruler with complete authority over government and the lives of the people
absolutismthe belief that monarchs hold supreme power and are responsible only to God
acropolishill top fortress in ancient Greece
agrarianpertaining to land and farming
allianceagreement between nations to defend each other
annexationto add to existing territory
anthropologistscientist who studies how societies are organized
apartheidpolicy of racial segregation in South Africa
appeasementgiving in to an aggressor
apprenticeyoung person who learns a trade from a master
archaeologistscientists who studies the lives of people who lived long ago
archipelagochain of islands
armisticeend to fighting in a war
artifactobject made by humans
artisanskilled craftperson
assimilationpolicy of an imperial power to absorb a colony politically and culturally
astrolabeinstrument used to calculate a ship's latitude
aristocracygovernment headed by a privileged minority
autocracygovernment in which the ruler has absolute power
autonomyself government

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