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Comment parler des endroits

Determining which article is appropriate when speaking of a place (in French)

going TO a feminine countryen
coming FROM a feminine countryde
Going TO masc. country beginning with a vowelen
Coming FROM a masc. country beginnning with a voweld'/de l'
Going TO a masc. country beginning with a consonantau
Coming FROM a masc. country beginning with a consonantdu
Going TO a city/masc. islandà
Coming FROM a city/masc. islandde
Cominf FROM a plural geographical locationsaux
Going TO a plural geographical locationdes
Going TO a feminine Stateen
Coming FROM a fem. Statede
Going TO an island stateà
Coming FROM an island statede/de l'
Going TO a masc. state beginning w/ a vowelen dans l'
Coming FROM a masc. state beginning w/ a voweld' / de l'
Going TO a Masc. state beginning with a consonantdans le
Coming FROM a masc. state beginning w/ a consonantdu
Going TO Texasau
Going to Europeen
Going to Allemagneen
Going to Israëlen
Coming from Normandiede
Coming from Francede
Coming from Hongariede
Coming from Suissede
Going to Iranen
Coming from Irand' / de l'
Going to Luxembourgau
Going to Portugalau
Coming from Chilidu
Coming from Brésildu
Going to Madridà
Going to Parisà
Going to Haitià
Coming from Tahitide
Coming from Cairede
Coming from Romede
Going to les Etats-Unisaux
Going to les Antillesaux
Coming from Les Etats-Unisdes
Coming from les Antillesdes
Going to Californieen
Going to Florideen
Coming from Caroline du Nordde
Coming from Géorgiede
Coming from Virginiede
Going to Hawaïà
Coming from Hawaïde / de'
Going to Utahen / dans l'
Coming from Arizonad' / de l'
Going to Iowaen dans l'
Going to Michigandans le
Coming from Connecticutdu
Going to Montanadans le

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