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evolutiona process of change over time
Lamarckbelieved organisms constantly try to improve themselves and become more advanced
Darwindeveloped the theory of natural selection
Lyellgeologist who thought the earth was millions of years old
Malthusstated that there are always more offspring born than can possibly survive
homologous structuresstructures that have a common origin
natural selectionprocess in nature that results in the most fit organisms surviving and producing offspring
gene poolgroup of genes shared by members of a population
fossilsthe preserved remains of ancient organisms
artificial selectionfarmers allowed only the organisms who suited the farmers' needs to produce offspring
populationindividuals of the same species who can breed with each other
speciesorganisms that share similar characteristics and can breed with each other and produce fertile offspring
sedimentary rocktype of rock where most fossils are found
common descenttheory that species have descended from a common ancestor
radioactive datinga process used by scientists to determine the age of fossils
embryologythe study of the early stages of development of an organism
vestigial organsorgans that seem to serve little or no purpose
DNAmolecule studied to determine if the biochemistry of organisms is similar
adaptationprocess that allows organisms to become better suited to their environments
survival of the fittestonly the organisms who are best suited for their environment survive the struggle for existence

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