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U.S. Before the Civil War

vocabulary game; U.S. History; 1840s-1850s

King CottonSouth's most important crop
cotton ginEli Whitney's invention saved time and work.
plantation ownershad lots of money (wealth) and free time (liesure).free time
Turner's revolta rebellion of slaves in 1831
abolitionistspeople who believed slavery was wrong
overseerboss who watched workers on plantations
harsh treatment Slaves had a hard life.
spiritualsslaves' songs to help feel better.
resistance to slaverypretend sickness, taking food, running away
sharecroppersrented small farms and gave part of their crop to land owners
independent farmerssmall farm owners who grew corn and vegetables
Andrew Jacksonsouthern frontiersman became the 7th President of U.S.
SouthStates that had plantations, small farms and slavery.
NorthStates that had cities, factories and many railroads.
factorylarge building where a product is made.
canalsbig ditches filled with water wide enough for boats pulled by horses.

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