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10.6 Revolution and Nationalism

Modern World History, Patterns of Interaction Chapter 14 CA Hist. Social Science Standards 10.6

pogromorganized violence against Jews
Trans-Siberian Railwayworld's longest continuous rail line
Bolsheviksgroup of revolutionaries led by Lenin
V.I. Leninfirst ruler of the Soviet Union
DumaRussia's first parliament
Rasputineccentric monk assassinated because of his corrupt influence on the Russian royal family
provisional governmenttemporary government led by Alexander Kerensky
sovietlocal governing council
Joseph Stalinrevolutionary leader who took control of the Communist Party after Lenin
totalitarianismgovernment that has total control over people's lives
command economymarket in which government makes all the decisions
collective farmlarge, government owned, agricultural settlement
kulakmember of a group of wealthy peasants mistreated by Stalin's government
great purgearrest, exile, or killing of thousands of suspected enemies of the Communist Party
socialist realismartistic style that praised soviet life and communist values
Sun Yixianone of the first leaders of the Kuomintang; "father of modern China"
KuomintangNationalist Party of CHina that overthrew the Qing Dynasty
May Fourth MovementChinese nationalist protest against China's fate as decided by the Treaty of Versailles
Mao Zedongleader of the Communist revolution in China
Long Marchescape of Communists to safety after being surrounded by Nationalist forces
Mohandas K. Gandhileader of the movement for Indian independence from Britain
civil disobediencedisobeying the law for purpose of achieving some higher goal
Mustafa Kemalleader of Turkish nationalists who overthrew the last Ottoman sultan

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