Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

Chapter 10


CenteredPicture/text that is horizontially in center of page
Document RulerDisplays the margin and tab settings for the document
FooterText/graphics that appears at the bottom of page
Hanging indentFirst line that is outdented from rest of the paragraph
Hard returnCommand that is generated when Enter is pressed
HeaderText that appears at the top of every page
Insert modeMode that allows a user to enter data in which new text is inserted at the cursor, which pushes all text that follows to the right
Left-justifiedDescrobes text that is lined up on the left side of the page
OrphanThe first line of a paragraph that is at the bottom of the page that precedes it
Rich Text FormatFile format that allows different application to use formatted documents
Right-alignedDescribes text that is lined up on the right margin
Right-justifiedDecribes text that is lined up on right margin
Soft returnCode that is automatically inserted when the end of a line is reached in a document
TypeoverThe process of deleting existing characters as you key in new ones
WidowLast line of a paragrah that appears on the top of the next page rather then staying with the paragraph
Word wrapA feature in word processing that automatically moves text to the next line when the current line is full
Selection barImaginary area just outside and to the left of the text in the document

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