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Desert Terms 3

Match these terms and definitions.

extraordinaryvery unusual, remarkable.
oasisA spot in the desert where there is water.
consumeto use up food or water.
retainedto keep.
tolerateto allow to put up with.
storea place where goods are kept for sale.
accumulateto collect; pile up.
scarcehard to find; rare.
deserta region without water or trees.
reserveto keep back; to hold back.
developedto grow; to bring into existance.
uniqueunusual; different from others.
preventto keep from happening
incrediblybeyond belief.
uncomfortablenot free from pain; troub.ed
predatorpreying on other animals.
techniquetechnical skill; a special method or system used to do something.
enormousvery, very large; huge.
frilla ruffle; something added for show.
avoidkeep away from; to keep out of the way.
preciousof great value; costly; beloved.
moistureslight wetness, dew.
requireneed; demand; order; command.
consumeto use up; spend.


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