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Desert Terms 1

Match these terms with their definitions.

scorchingburn slightly on the out side
dangerousnot safe; likely to cause harm
survivecontinue to live
despitein spite of (I walked despit the rain.)
varietya number of different kinds
vastvery very large; immense
expansean open or unbroken strech
harshrough to the touch, taste, eye, ear
searingextremly hot; scorchingly
extremlymuch more than is usual
fridgidvery cold
climatethe kind of weather a place has
thriveto grow strong,rich, or successful; to prosper
coilwind around and around into a pile,tube,or a curl
rodentsgroups of animals with four large front teeth often used to gnawoften
limblesswithout a leg,arm,or wing
levera bar working on an axis to move or raise things
visibleable to be seen
methodsways of doing something
traitan attribute,charateristic; quality of mind or characterter
completewith all the parts; whole; entire; to finish whole
emergecome out; come up; come into view
opportunitya good chance; faorable time; convenient occasion


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