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Vocabulary 01-03

In association with Wordly Wise 3000 Book 5

avidhaving strong desire for, to the point of greed
brusqueabrupt in manner or speech
conciseshort and to the point
demeanto cause a lowering of self-esteem; to lower reputation
despicabledeserving contempt or scorn
emulateto try to equal; imitate
evoketo call forth; to bring to mind
excruciatingvery painful
inaugurateto install in office; to begin officially
pervadeto spread throughout
proprietoran owner of a store or other business
pseudonyma fictitious name used by an author
rebuffto reject bluntly; a blunt rejection
resilientcapable of recovering quickly from misfortune; returning quickly to an original shape
turbulentchaotic, unruly; stormy; rapid changes in wind speed
abrasiona wearing away or rubbing away by friction
cladclothed or covered
corroborateto provide evidence to make more certain, to confirm
cursorydone in a hurry with little attention to detail
deriveto take or receive from a source; to obtain through reasoning
electrifyto wire or equip with electric power; to thrill or shock
endeavorto attempt earnestly; a serious effort toward a goal
gingerlycautious; very careful
gruesomecausing shock or horror
inventorya list of possessions or goods; the stock of goods; to make a complete list of
simulateto take on the qualities of another; to pretend; an imitation
succumbto give up or to yield; to cease to exist
anthologya collection of various writings
conjecturea conclusion based on guesswork; to form an opinion while lacking sufficient evidence
dispositiona person's usual mood; a regular tendency
encompassto enclose or encircle; to include
extricateto free from a difficult or tangled situation
generationone step in the line of descent of family; all the people born and livinga about the same time
guilecunning or deceit in dealing with others; trickery
imperativeurgent or pressing; having the power to command
instillto introduce gradually in order to establish securely
modifyto make less extreme; to make changes in
pivota small bar or rod on which something else turns; a person which others depend on; to turn on; vitally important
prevalentcommonly occuring; widely accepted or practiced
recurto come up again or to happen again; to come to mind again
spontaneousvoluntary and unplanned; occuring or produced without human labor

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