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Unit 9 Merriam-Webster

Match the derivative with the correct meaning.

adherentsomeone who follows someone or some belief
cohesionact or state of sticking together
incoherentunclear or difficult to understand
inherentpart of something by nature or habit
centrifugalmoving outward from a center
fugitivea person who flees or tries to escape
fuguea musical form in which a theme is echoed
subterfugea trick designed to help conceal, escape or evade
cosmeticdone or made for the sake of beauty or appearance
cosmologybranch of astronomy that deals with origin and structure of the universe
cosmopolitanhaving international sophistication and experience
cosmosthe universe
conscientiousscrupulous; resulting from painstaking or exact attention
omniscienceinfinite awareness and understanding; all knowing
prescienthaving or showing advance knowledge of what is going to happen
unconscionablenot guided by any moral sense; unscrupulous
adjunctsomething goined or added to another thing of which it is not a part
disjunctiona break or sharp difference between two things
injunctiona warning or prohibition regarding an activity
juntaa committee that controls a government, esp. after a revolution
impartto make known; disclose
impartialfair and not biased
participlea word that is formed from a verb but used like an adjective
partisana person strongly devoted to a particular cause or group
emissarysomeone sent out to represent another; an agent
manumissionact of freeing from slavery
missivea letter or written communication
remittancemoney sent in payment
compelto drive or urge with force
expelto drive or force OUT
impelto urge or drive forward by strong moral force
repulsionact of driving away or rejecting; disgust

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