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The World Past and Present

These are vocabulary words for page 177.

Middle AgesThe period of history that lasted from about A.D.500 to 1500
Germanic tribesfive groups of people from an area in or near Germany who conquered the Roman Empire
chieftainsleaders of a tribe- each ruled only as much land as warriors could defend
Popeleader of the Roman Catholic Church
scholarslearned people who worked for kings or nobles
Vikingsfierce warriors from Norway, Sweden and Denmark who threatened Charlemagne's empire
plundertaking goods by force
shrinesholy places
TurksMuslims - were a moutain people who had been slave of Arabs but began to rebel
crusadersA Christian soldier who fought to free the Holy Land from Muslim Turks in the Middle Ages
CrusadesThe wars fought by Christians during the Middle Ages to capture the Holy Land from Muslim Turks
Charlemagnemeans "Charles the Great" became king of the Franks, conquered large parts of Germany and Italy
Pope Urban IIspoke to crowds about the holy shrines in the Middle East, encouraged the Crusades
Holy Roman Empirelands around Rome conquered by Charlemagne

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