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Computer Vocabulary


hardwarethe physical components of the computer system
softwarethe programs or instructions that tell the computer what to do
CPUbrain of the computer, central processing unit
ROMread only memory
RAMRandom Access Memory
megabytes1,000,000 bytes
gigabyte1,000,000,000 bytes
input devicehardware used to pass information into the computer
output devicehardware that receives and displays information coming from the computer
modemthe device that alllows your computer to talk to other computers over telephone lines
monitora video or computer display device
laser printera printer that uses both laser and photographic technology to produce high quality output
printerthe hardware that provides printed output from the computer
hard copya printed copy of computer output
compact diska disc on which a laser has digitally recorded information such as audio, video, or computer data
hard diska fixed large-capacity magnetic storage medium for computer data
floppy diska protable magnetic storage medium for computer data
graphical user interfacethe use of graphical symbols instead of text commands to control common computer functions such as copying programs and disks
icona small picture or symbol respresenting a computer hadware function or component
ink-jet printera type of printer that forms letters on the page by shooting tiny electically charged droplets of ink

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