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Medieval Words

Medieval vocabulary

monasterya place where a group of religious people live.
feudalisma political and economic arrangement in which a lord provides protection in exchange for loyalty and service.
fiefa large feudal estate.
vassala person under the protection of a feudal lord.
oath of fealtya statement of loyalty.
knightan armed soldier who fights on horseback.
hierarchya group of people organized by rank or power.
homagean act of honor or respect.
manora castle and estate of a lord.
serfa member of the lowest feudal class, bound to the land and owned by a lord.
guildan organized group of skilled tradespeople.
chivalrya code of conduct for English knights in the Middle Ages that called for honor, loyalty, and fairness.
bushidoa code of conduct for Japanese samurai warriors that called for loyalty and honor.
excommunicationthe act that takes away someones membership in the church
salvationthe saving of a soul from sin.
tithea 10th of someones income paid to the church.
universitya place of higher learning.
classica work of art or literature from ancient Greece or Rome.
literacythe ability to read and write.
patriarchin the Byzantine Empire, the bishop of Constanople.
iconoicture or model of a sacred Christian person.
schisma split between two groups within a church
plaguea disease that spreads and is usually deadly
monarchya strong central government ruled by a king or queen
heritica person who speaks opinions that disagree with the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church
individualismpersonal independence; the idea that every person should be free to set his or her own goals.

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