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Vocabulary 07-09

In association with Wordly Wise 3000 Book 5

claustrophobiaan abnormal fear of narrow, enclosed spaces
condescendto lower oneself to a position one considers inferior; to behave in an offensively superior manner
contingentconditional, dependent on something else; likely, but not certain to happen; a group that is part of a larger one
dauntto discourage or intimidate
delugea downpour of rain or a flood; to flood or overwhelm
dispelto clear away, to remove or get rid of
dubto give a title, nickname, or discription to
fanfarea sounding of trumpets or other brass instruments; any showy display
inaneempty; shallow or silly; INANITY foolishness
mettlecourage to bear up under difficult situations; spirit
protractto draw out or lengthen (in time)
adepthighly skilled; expert
audiblecapable of being heard
azurethe blue color of a cloudless sky
banterto exchange playful, teasing remarks; light playful conversation
capaciousable to hold a large amount; roomy
copiouslarge in quantity
crucialextremely important; vital in resolving something
deployto arrange troops or equipment in position for battle; to put into use
facilitateto make easier
fastidiouspaying close attention to detail; difficult to please
fitfulnot steady; irregular
grappleto struggle with in close combat; an iron shaft with a claw for grasping and holding things
panga sudden sharp feeling
precedeto go or come before in time, rank, or position
abetto encourage or assist in some activity, especially a questionable one
agileable to move quickly and easily; able to think quickly; AGILITY quickness of mind or body
allotto assign or distribute as a portion or share
balmysoothing, mild
congregateto come together in a group
divertto turn aside, to entertain or amuse; DIVERSION the act of turning from a course or concern
humdrumlacking excitement; boring or monotonous
influxa flowing or pouring in; arrival in massive numbers
intricatecomplicated; having many related details and events
sporadichappening occasionally
staplea basic food that is used frequently and in large amounts; a u-shaped fastener with sharp ends; most important
tumultnoisy excitement; an uproar or disturbance; TUMULTUOUS marked by an uproar or excitement
unseemlynot suitable; inappropriate

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