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AZ laws

Here is a game to test your skills on AZ government!

elected body that has judicial, administrative, and legislative powersboard of supervisors
the process of how judges are electedmerit selection
the leading executive of the stategovernor
a local (city/town) constitutioncharter
a town or citymunicipality
enforces the state law in the countysheriff
the number of counties in AZ15
the chief legal officer of the stateattorney general
when the voters propose a law or amendment through the use of petitionsinitiative
a democracy that makes laws y allowing voters too vote of proposed law or amendmentdirect
a way of forcing a special election to decide if an elected official may finish their termrecall
voting districts in a citywards
the location for the county governmentcounty seat
determining a law constitutionaljudicial review
the position that keeps the state's non-financial records and the state sealsecretary of state
the process by which a group of residents can become a city or towincorporation
a city lawordinance
they make sure AZ mines are safestate mine inspector
this position overlooks the states educational systemsuperintendent of public instruction
the chief financial officer of the statetreasurer
type of democracy that is used when legislatures pass bills into lawsindirect
date in Feb. when AZ became a state14
bringing charges against a government officialimpeachment
an area of land with approximately equal population set for representation purposesdistrict
the elected legislative body that approves all ordinancescity council
when a state law is referred to the voters for approvalreferendum

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