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Explorers of the New World

Balboathe explorer who first saw the Pacific Ocean
John Cabotthe explorer who claimed North Americal for England
Champlainthe French Explorer who founded Quebec
Christopher Columbusthe man who discovered the New World in 1492
Cortesthe explorer who conqured the Aztec Indians in Mexico
De Sotothe explorer who discovered the Mississippi River
Marco Polothe Italian merchan who visited China and described its riches to Europe
Ponce de Leonthe explorer who found Florida while searching for the "Fountain of youth"
Which country sent Francis Drake and other "sea dogs" to raid Spanish boats?England
Which country was the first to begin a settlement in the New World?Spain
Which country made friends with the Indians and traded with them for furs?France
Which country sent explorers to find gold in the "Seven Cities of Cibola"?Spain
Which country finally sent settlers to the New World who brought ideas about freedom based on the Bible?England
The first important French settlement in the New World was where?Quebec
What continent is responsible for the settlement of the New World?Europe
The first settlement in America was here.St. Augustine, FL.
There are how many oceans?4
This ocean is the largest ocean.Pacific Ocean
Columbus believed that he could reach the East by sailing in which direction?West
This is the name for a body of land that is surrounded on three sides by water.penninsula

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