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Word Processing

windowA rectangular area of the screen that is used to present information
menuA list of options from which the user can choose.
word wrapprovides an automatic line return when the text reaches a certain position on the document, such as the right hand margin.
scrollingmoving the bar to be able to view additional information in the window.
cursora symbol that shows where the next character will appear.
editmake changes in the document.
clipboardtemporary storage location.
pasteto place whatever is on the clipboard somewhere else in the document
thesaurusa list of synonyms for words.
spelling checkera command that compares each word in the document to a list of words in an electronic dictionary
typefacea specific set of characters that are designed the same
stylea look applied to a font. For example, bold, italics, underlining
marginsthe space in the border of a page, including top, bottom, left and right margins
justificationright, left, or center alignment
borderdecorative line or box around text, graphics or tables
portraitpaper is taller than it is wide
landscapepaper is wider than it is tall.
print previewallows the user to see on the screen how the document will look when it is printed

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