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The Peasant Life

90% of the Chinesewere Peasants
they ate a regular diet that consisted ofmillet, rice, beans,turnips, and fish
their threats came fromfloods and famines
they paid rent with the crops they grew
In times of conflict peasantswere drafted into the army
Most of the peasants farmed orherded sheep
Peasant woman madecandles, sheared sheep, spun wool, and sewed clothing
Two main professionsfarmer or craftsmen
A free peasant farmeer was known as avillein
Most of the Peasants had a few meager possessions includingbenches, tools, pots, and wooden bowls, cups, and spoons
A small garden was refered to as acroft
Most crops were destroyed byfrosts, floods, and droughts
Peasants worked how many days of the year260
most peasant villages consist of37 houses
the number of people in each house were5
there were how many people total in each village185
most villages were turned intopastures for animals
it is lead to beleive most villages were destroyedby vikings
inthe 14th century most of the villages were destroyed by theblack death
out of a village of 35 housesatleast 1 house had to be built each year

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