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Term one terminology

A list of many of the terms and concepts you are responsible form this semester.

alienationthe feeling of being separated from a group, people, or region
British CommonwealthThe term used to describe the 49 countries that were formerly part of the British Empire
Grid Systemsystem of intersecting lines used to find a position on a map
LatitudeLines running east and west that measure distances north and south of the equator
LongitudeLines running north and south that measure distances east and west of the Prime Meridian
Prime Meridian0 degrees longitude
Equator0 degrees latitude
CordillerasWestern mountain range with vast mineral resources and limited agriculture
AppalachiansEastern mountain range with limited mineral resources and agriculture.
ShieldLargest landform region. Limited agriculture but it does have mineral wealth
Arctic LowlandsLow local relief, cold climate, low population density, and unsuitable for agriculture.
Interior Lowlands and PlainsVast agriculture and mineral deposits. Most densely populated region of Canada.
PluralismA society where various groups retain their identity within the confines of a common civilization.
Indicators of Regional DisparityWages/Income, Unemployment, Education, Standard of Living
I.R.S.Issue(s)/Resolution(s)/Significant points
MapTwo dimensional representation of a part of the earth's surface
Capital of CanadaOttawa
Economic Regions of CanadaNorthland, British Columbia, Prairies, Quebec, Ontario, Maritimes
Issues affecting Canadian IdentityMulticulturalism, Regionalism, French/English Relations, Native Issues, Influence of the U.S.
Regional DisparityInequalities between different regions.
ExploitationSelfish or unfair use of a people or a resource for economic gain
O.P.E.C.Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Official Languages Act1969 - Law that created official bilingualism in Canada
Bill 1011977 - Quebec law maiking French the ONLY official language of Quebec

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